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Hot Sale Aiersi Instruments

 Salvatore Seminara, Guitarist, Composer and Teacher, is a musician with an intense artistic activity in Italy. He has performed in prestigious music festivals in Italy. he is the creator and artistic director of the Ossola Guitar Festival.

He is the endorser and exclusive representative for Italy of Aiersi



This video from aiersi dealer in South Asia  country . they playing aiersi brand melodica, acoustic guitar and colour cajon. as chinese No.1 brand for guitar, ukulele ,percussion and keyboard. Nowadays, over 60+ countries dealers to sell aiersi brand instruments. we also custom 200+ brands too.  

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Below list instruments for video

Melodica :ME32BL

Acoustic Guitar  :SG027J

Cajon :CL15

Proudly congratulating Aiersi technical advisor Mr. Yulong Guo –winner of the second place luthierie prize at the 2018 International Guitar Construction Contest, held in Granada, Spain. The Festival is named in honor of legendary Granada classical and flamenco guitar constructor Antonio Marin Montero, who served as a judge of the many world-class guitars entered into the competition. This is the highest honor ever awarded to Chinese luthierie, and Aiersi is now more than ever on the guitar world’s radar as a provider of superb quality hand-made guitars in the Spanish tradition, representing spectacular value for the money. Aiersi now works with dealers in over 30 countries and provides OEM/ODM production for more than 100 brands in the global market. store link